Clapton Is God




     "Are you out there?", yelled Eric Clapton into the microphone.  The sheer volume of his voice combined with its gravelly intensity immediately grabbed my attention.  I was moved physically; the hairs on the back of my neck stood out, and it put the fear of God into me.  

     It was a warm San Antonio evening in May, 1998, when this concert was held.  Eric Clapton was on tour then in support of an album he recorded titled Pilgrim.  Between songs sometime early in his set is when he asked this question.  It was an odd moment in the concert.  While I remember my own fear, just as strange, perhaps, was that the crowd really didn't seem to respond.  It was as if they didn't know what to do with it.  They didn't start cheering or clapping, at least not the majority of the audience.  Instead the Alamodome became kind of quiet and Eric Clapton moved on to the next song in the show.

     That night I had a few drinks and smoked a bit of the herbal as well.  I did however recognize that something was happening in that moment.  That is, I felt that Eric Clapton was talking to someone.  

     I can even remember speaking to a friend days later who asked about the concert.  When I told him how great it was and what songs were played, I mentioned that strange moment as well.  So it did stick with and resonate for me for some time after that, notwithstanding my chemical cocktail.  

     I don't believe at the time that I thought Eric Clapton was speaking to me.  Maybe for that reason I buried the memory in my mind somewhere for about 6 years.  

     The question remains in my mind now as possibly the most pivotal and significant moment in my life up to that point.  The question being, was Eric Clapton talking to me?



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